NFL fans react to Patrick Mahomes viral practice video


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can do things on a football field that very few, if any, other players can. His arm talent, his running ability, and his flashy sidearm throws make him a must-watch whenever he steps on the field.

To top all of his flair, it’s impossible to overlook his ability to throw no-look passes too. The Chiefs star has gone viral again for a no-look pass he threw at Chiefs practice and it defies belief. Watch below.

As expected, when the video hit social media, fans went crazy with one fan saying that Mahomes is a demon with his eyes.

“Patrick is a demon with his eyes.”

One fan asked Tyreek Hill if that was accurate enough after the former Chiefs receiver stated that Tua Tagovailoa is the more accurate quarterback.

A fan named Cody replied and said the fact that this is a drill for the quarterback is badass.

A fan named Jerry said that Mahomes is amazing and is excited to see what the Chiefs do this season.

@NPNOWMeikel Mahomes is amazing! Excited to see what Cheifs bring this season..

A Twitter user commented and said that Tyreek would be saying that’s not accurate enough.

@NPNOWMeikel Tyreek be saying that’s not accurate enough😂

One user commented and said the throw is just crazy.

One user replied and said: “We see you SHOWTIME.”

One user said that the quarterback’s no-look throw was “sick.”

One fan said for the quarterback to “keep doing you”, hinting for Mahomes to keep doing all his flashy things on the field.

One fan commented and said that he isn’t accurate even when he is not looking. The fan then posted a GIF of the quarterback throwing a no-look pass during a game and completing the pass.

Mahomes and Chiefs face tough task to make postseason in 2022

The Chiefs’ chances of getting to the playoffs are tougher than ever this season. Since losing Tyreek Hill to Miami, the offense has taken a hit. Not to mention how much the other teams in the AFC West have strengthened.


Russell Wilson along with former Cowboy Randy Gregory now find their home in Denver. Davante Adams swapped Green Bay for Las Vegas and the Chargers, already with a superb offense, added Khalil Mack and JC Jackson to their defense to compliment Joey Bosa.

For the Chiefs, having a quarterback as talented as Mahomes means you will just about be a favorite in every game you play. However, the opposition in their division will be considerably tougher.


Given that Kansas City will play each of these teams mentioned twice, means it will be tough sledding for the Chiefs at times this season. Will the Kansas City shot-caller be able to lead the Chiefs to another Super Bowl in 2022? The first order of business will be to get out of the division, something that is certainly easier said than done.

Q. Will the Chiefs win the division?

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