Nick Khan Addresses Vince McMahon’s Return To WWE


The former WWE CEO didn’t step away from the company without controversy though, with Vince facing several allegations including hush money payments made out to four separate women in the past 16 years, first discovered by the Wall Street Journal. Despite Vince only being WWE-free for around six months, Khan defended how he handled his departure, giving Vince credit for going away during that period and leaving the company in his, Stephanie, and Triple H’s hands. The current WWE CEO also mentioned how WWE fans “seem to like” when someone leaves the company for a bit and then comes back, mentioning that Vince is back to take control of “his company as the controlling shareholder.” Although it’s only been a week since Vince has returned, Khan does believe what he said publicly about not involving himself with the company but only coming back to engage in strategic alternatives for a sale of the company and the media rights deal. He also stated that so far, Vince has only engaged in that and “other board issues.”

Khan also stated that McMahon had “zero” influence on WWE throughout his time away but did reveal he “made it a point, as did others” to see the former Chairman once a month while he was away.

“I think those things are important, it’s no different, in my opinion than when other mutual friends of ours, who have gone through hard times professionally,” Khan said. “That’s when they sort of need to hear from folks most that hey you haven’t forgotten about them and you’re appreciative of them and all those things. I think in staying in contact that way, which was mostly social and personal, there was never a moment of ‘do it this way’ or ‘do it that way.’ It just never happened.”

In closing, the WWE CEO mentioned why he’s not shocked Vince came back to the company, simply stating “that’s Vince.”

“Anyone who believed that was permanent, doesn’t know him,” Khan said. “That was never going to happen but I’m appreciative of the fact that he gave it the five, six months, let the dust settle a little bit, and then coming back in the way he’s coming back.”


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