Nick Khan Comments On Stephanie And Shane McMahon’s WWE Exits


 Marco Rovere

Stephanie McMahon announced she was once again done with the WWE this past week, making way for Nick Khan to become the sole CEO of the company and for her father Vince to return to his role as WWE’s Executive Chairman of the Board. The news of Stephanie’s exit comes after she’s had an up-and-down relationship with the company over the last year, taking a leave of absence in June to then quickly coming back once her father abruptly retired in July. 

Nick Khan spoke about the departure of his Co-CEO during an interview with Bill Simmons on his podcast.

“I think she came back because her dad asked her to come back,” Khan said. “The meetings that she went on that I participated in a lot, as you can imagine when there are stories like that come out you want to make sure that people see you and they know who to talk to and they can call you and there’s a face with the product. There’s somebody there to answer if there’s a question. That was more about that and at this moment in time, I think she felt her work was done for now. Nothing is permanent, again a terrific executive, an even better person. Life is long, let’s see.”

With her departure comes the absence of a McMahon child in the WWE offices, considering that her brother Shane has also not been with the company since February 2022. Khan stated that he doesn’t have the specifics on what happened between Shane and Vince, but that it was “intentional” by him. Referring to broaching that potential question to Vince as “career suicide,” saying they’ve not asked for him to advise them on the matter.

“Family is complicated, business is complicated, family and business is even more complicated, I just assume stay away from it,” Khan said. “His son-in-law works there, he’s the Head of Creative and there’s always been a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow those two weren’t getting along or this or that, I think everybody’s getting along just great.”


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