Nick Khan Gives Clarity On Vince McMahon’s Plan To Sell WWE


Continuing his plea for the interest in WWE to skyrocket among interested parties, Khan stated how attractive WWE can be in owning 99% of its intellectual property including its media rights and a library full of content. The CEO of WWE also believes with the impending media rights deal coming up in October 2024, the timing is now for the company to sell.

In talking about the media rights,  did state that WWE started the sale process now with the plan that the new owner of WWE discusses their media rights deal following the purchase of WWE unless it ends up being one of the “media conglomerates buying it directly.” With rumors of a sale comes many different ideas for what’s next with Vince and the company, with some suggesting that Vince could take a UFC and Dana White approach with the sale, staying on in some type of role. In regards to those rumors, Khan said that idea is “in play.”

“When he’s using the word strategic alternatives, that’s not to be cute, it’s basically we’re looking at everything,” Khan said. “A lot of it will come down to price but I don’t think all of it. It’s what’s the best value for the shareholder and certainly what’s the best value for Vince after the shareholder.”

Closing out the conversation, Khan said all options are on the table, including ESPN being a potential landing spot for the media rights of the WWE. In describing why Khan said the WWE has an audience overlap of 10% with the UFC and could provide more subscriptions to their network. Khan said in the past, WWE has had conversations with ESPN about WWE rights.


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