Possible Uncle Howdy Spoiler For WWE Raw


 Robert Gunier

It’s another Monday, meaning fans have “WWE Raw” to look forward to later this evening. Tonight’s episode doesn’t have a lot of matches and segments advertised yet, but one thing they are assuring is the continuation of the Alexa Bliss — Bray Wyatt story that has recently been heating up. In a new update, Fightful has confirmed that Bo Dallas, who is suspected to be playing the role of “Uncle Howdy” in the storyline, is currently backstage at “Raw.” There has been no definitive answer on who the person portraying Howdy is, as the person behind the role puts on and takes off their wardrobe in private. PWInsider expressed more confidence in the idea, saying that Dallas’ presence at “Raw” “confirms 100%” that Dallas is playing Uncle Howdy.

Though they’ve been connected for years in WWE, it wasn’t until Bray returned to the company at Extreme Rules that his dark universe began seeping back into Alexa’s world. During her “Raw” Women’s Championship match on last Monday’s show, figures with Uncle Howdy masks appeared at ringside right before Wyatt’s moth symbol flashed on the screen. This caused Alexa to go into a downward spiral, attacking the referee and then busting Bianca Belair open with a DDT on the steel steps at ringside.

Back on “WWE SmackDown,” Uncle Howdy has continued terrorizing Wyatt and his current rival LA Knight. The turmoil between the three men has led to the first-ever “Pitch Black match” taking place between Knight and Wyatt at the 2023 Royal Rumble. One can assume this will be some sort of cinematic match, but there have yet to be any rules revealed. Even Knight recently said he has no idea about what the match entails.


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