Pro Wrestling Is Not Darby Allin’s Number One Passion


 Robert Gunier

AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin is known for a few things: being a talented professional wrestler, a daredevil inside and outside the ring, and a fearless skateboarder. His love for the extreme sport of skateboarding led him to make a recent appearance on the “Hawk vs. Wolf” show, where he revealed that he’s been taking some time off from skating due to a recent mishap.

“I haven’t skated in like three weeks because I was filming this intro video for the Seattle show and I tried this rail and got annihilated on it, so I’ve been waiting to skate for like three weeks. Dude, it’s so hard to balance out pro wrestling and skating.” 

Allin is adamant that he must have the freedom to skateboard while juggling a wrestling career, even saying he wouldn’t sign a contract that disallowed him from doing it. “It feels weird to say but it still feels like skateboarding is my number one passion and wrestling is number two even though I get paid for [wrestling].”

There was a period of time, Darby revealed, where he tried to leave the board behind and completely focus on his future in pro wrestling. “I was like, ‘Alright, this is what you have to do. You can’t afford to get hurt.’ And I was so depressed and I didn’t know why. I was like, ‘Man, why am I so depressed?’ I picked up the board again and I was like, ‘This is why!’ So, like I said earlier, there’s no contract that people could pay me money-wise to quit skateboarding.” 

Darby has surprisingly stated that skateboarding is much more brutal on the body than pro wrestling. “On your body and everything, by far, skateboarding. It’s insane how, with skateboarding, every week, I was getting broken ankles and stuff.”


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