QOTD: How We Feeling About That New Honda Accord?


Today’s QOTD is straightforward and simple. The Honda Accord is one of the most well-known (and most popular, in terms of sales) nameplates on market. So when there’s a new one, which happens every four to five years, people take note.

Obviously, we haven’t driven the car yet, but we know the specs, and we know it’s a bit down on power compared to the outgoing model. We know there is no 2.0T gasser, at least right now, and the manual was already killed for 2021 and ain’t coming back. So that’s disappointing.

Of course, being down on power doesn’t mean the car will be slower. It may remain as fun to drive as the current model, or perhaps be more or less so. It does look different, of course, and style matters.

So, ye of the B and B, do you like this new Accord? Hate it? Like the looks but mourn the loss of the 2.0T and/or the 6MT? Maybe you’re taking a wait-and-see approach — maybe you won’t judge it til you see it at an auto show or on a dealer lot.

Let us know. And if you have critical yet constructive feedback, maybe Honda folks will be reading.

[Image: Honda]

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