QOTD: Ready for Winter? | The Truth About Cars


I saw snow was flying in parts of the country over the weekend. Here in Chicago, I think I saw reports of a dusting of flurries in some parts of the metro, but I saw nothing in my ‘hood. It was just cold.

I had hoped to wait until after Thanksgiving Day to write this QOTD, but winter sometimes arrives well before we — or at least those of us who have the good sense to wait until the Turkey Day leftovers are boxed up — start decking the halls.

So, I ask those of you who live in a part of the world where winter is an actual thing, and/or those of you who plan your vacations around powder — the stuff on the ground, not the kind that I’ve seen 20-something bros snort in the bathroom at an NYC bar — are you ready for winter? Is your car ready?

Or are you holding on to the pumpkin-spice latte with a death grip and telling the ghost of Bing Crosby that he can shove his white Christmas up his chimney?

Do tell.

[Image: Standret/Shutterstock.com]

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