Quick commerce: One lighter a day, Rs 9,500 tip; insight into Blinkit use


It’s been a year of ups and downs for quick commerce. A slight slowdown in the sector’s growth, brought about by a lull in funding has, however, not stopped consumers from placing quirky orders. The quick commerce platform Blinkit, in its annual report for year 2022, has revealed some bizarre orders placed by customers this year. From ordering lighters every day for 6 months to spending almost Rs 1.4 lakh on a single order, Blinkit saw some unusual orders placed this year.

Bizarre buys

  • Rahul, a resident of Jaipur, generously tipped his delivery partner Rs 9.5K, the highest of the year

  • The biggest order of the year came in at Rs 139.9K, an iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • A manager from Delhi bought 72 silver coins for his branch on Dhanteras

  • Delhi ordered the most condoms totalling 557,369 packs.

  • Pradeep, a customer from Kolkata, saved Rs 265,716 this year on orders using discounts, promo codes and offers

  • Another customer asked Blinkit’s chat support if a delivery partner can deliver them to the airport

  • Someone had 2 different addresses saved as ‘bae’s home’

  • A Pune resident ordered a lighter every single day for three months straight.


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