Recap: ‘The 9 Lives Of Vince McMahon’ Documentary On VICE TV


The documentary recounted the young Vince Jr. stealing cars and developing a delinquent attitude, forcing his father to send him away to military school. McMahon serves there until his mother “finds him a girl” and introduces him to his future wife, and business partner, Linda McMahon.

After McMahon completes college, he once again tries to find his way into the wrestling business, Vince Sr .wanted him to have a more secure future, though. Eventually, Vince Jr. convinced his father otherwise. He was hired as an announcer and allowed him to promote in small towns. Vince Jr., described as a natural-born hustler, begins promoting events outside of wrestling, including rock concerts and a stunt by the popular performer Evel Knievel.

Unfortunately, Vince later filed for bankruptcy after his failed ventures. Still determined to bring his father’s company to the next level, he mortgaged nearly everything he had to invest and became the new owner after his dad handed over control. Though Vince Sr.’s true motivation in giving up control was never clear, many believe his ongoing struggle with pancreatic cancer contributed to the decision.

As Vince Jr. seized control of the World Wrestling Federation, he sought to make it the biggest company in the world, often disregarding the respect and boundary between territorial promotions. To turn his vision into a reality, Vince recruited Hulk Hogan in 1984 to become his “larger than life” superstar and top title holder.


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