Ric Flair And Booker T Reflect On Wrestling Tragedy


 Dylan Murray

The Flair family is one of the most notable families in the history of professional wrestling. The current “Smackdown” Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair has been adding championship after championship to the already stacked family collection. Both her half-brother, David Flair, and her father, the legendary Ric Flair, have won plenty of championships in their time, as well.

However, out of the Flair family, it’d be a mistake not to mention Reid Flair, who was on his way to wrestling stardom before his death in 2013. Charlotte Flair has often talked about how important her brother was and still is to her as a person and as a wrestler. Recently, Ric Flair also spoke about his son and his tragic passing on a recent episode of “The Hall of Fame” podcast with Booker T.

After recalling Reid’s fandom of Booker as a child, Flair discussed how hard his son’s death was on him when it happened. “It about killed me, guys,” Ric said. “I never drank so much in my entire life… I didn’t know what else to do. It was either drink or kill myself.”

Flair further elaborated on why it was so hard for him to handle, saying that he felt immense guilt for how his death transpired. “His mom blamed it on me because it was on my watch… I let him out of my site for two hours to go buy some Nike tennis shoes,” Ric explained. “Somehow, in those two hours, he got hooked up.”

Despite the various issues Flair had with his son due to his drug use, Ric mentioned that he and Charlotte had a conversation about staying with him through it regardless. “You just can’t kick your kid to the curb and have him go die somewhere,” Flair concluded.


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