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San Diego (AP) — Selections from the Rule 5 draft for 2022 listed by team: name: position: and team selected…

San Diego (AP) — Selections from the Rule 5 draft for 2022 listed by team: name: position: and team selected from:

Major League Phase
Round 1

1. Nationals: Thad Ward, RHP (Red Sox)

2. Athletics: Bryan Noda, 1B (Dodgers)

3. Pirates: Jose Hernandez, LHP (Dodgers)

4. Reds: Blake Sabel, OF (Pirates)

5. Tigers: Mason Englert, RHP (Rangers)

6. Rockies: Kevin Kelly, RHP (Guardians)

7. Marlins: RHp Nic Enright, RHP (Guardians)

8. White Sox: RHP Nick Avila, RHP (Giants)

9. Orioles: Andrew Politi, RHP (Red Sox)

10. Brewers: Gus Varland RHP, (Dodgers)

11. Phillies: Noah Song, RHP (Red Sox)

12. Padres: Jose Lopez, LHP (Rays)

13. Mariners: Chris Clarke, RHP (Cubs)

14. Cardinals: Wilking Rodriguez, RHP (Yankees)

15. Mets: Zach Green, RHP (Yankees)

1. Athletics: Joelvis Del Rosario, RHP (Pirates)

2. Pirates: Wei-Chieh Huang, RHP (Giants)

3. Reds: Kyle Glogoski, RHP (Phillies)

4. Royals: Shervyen Newton, SS (Phillies)

5. Tigers: Layne Henderson, RHP (Astros)

6. Rockies: Eli Lingos, LHP (Guardians)

7. Marlins: Dane Myers, 3B (Tigers)

8. Angels: Ronaldo Flores, C (Giants)

9. Diamondbacks: Taylor Rashi, RHP (Giants)

10. Cubs: Jose Aquino, LHP (Mariners)

11. Twins: Armani Smith, OF (Giants)

12. Red Sox: Joe Jacques, LHP Pirates)

13. White Sox: Ernesto Jaquez, RHP (Astros)

14. Orioles: Alfred Vega, RHP (Yankees)

15. Brewers: Isaac Collins, 2B (Rockies)

16. Rays: Hector Perez, RHP (Orioles)

17. Phillies: Pedro Martinez, SS (Rays)

18. Padres: Evan Mendoza, 3B (Cardinals)

19. Mariners: Francisco Tostado, 1B (Giants)

20. Guardians: Bradley Hanner, RHP (Twins)

21. Blue Jays: Kekai Rios, C (Dodgers)

22. Cardinals: Jose Alvarez, C (Astros)

23. Yankees: Pablo Mujica, LHP (Royals)

24. Mets: Wilkin Ramos, RHP (Pirates)

25. Braves: Domingo Gonzalez, RHP (Pirates)

26. Astros: Max Roberts, LHP (Mariners)

27. Dodgers: Yon Castro, RHP (Yankees)

29. Pirates: Joshua Palacios, OF (Nationals)

30. Reds: Brooks Crawford, RHP (Giants)

31. Rockies: Nicholas Kuzia, RHP (Tigers)

32. Marlins: Austin Roberts, RHP (Pirates)

33. Angels: Jared Oliva, OF (Pirates)

34. Diamondbacks: Denny Larrondo, RHP (Yankees)

35. Cubs: Nick Burdi, RHP (Padres)

36. Twins: Yohander Martinez, SS (Astros)

37. Red Sox: Ryan Miller, RHP (Yankees)

38. Orioles: Trey McGough, LHP (Pirates)

39. Rays: Enmanuel Mejia, RHP (Pirates)

40. Phillies: Yoniel Ramirez, RHP (Giants)

41. Mariners: Logan Warmoth, SS (Blue Jays)

42. Guardians: Michael Berglund, C (Rays)

43. Cardinals: Brandon Komar, RHP (Padres)

44. Mets: Agustin Ruiz, OF (Padres)

45. Astros: Bryan King, LHP (Cubs)

46. Dodgers: Carlo Reyes, RHP (Phillies)

47. Marlins: Cristian Charle, RHP (Pirates)

48. Angels: Riley Unroe, SS (Mariners)

49. Diamondbacks: Peter Solomon, RHP (Pirates)

50. Cubs: Jefferson Encarnacion, OF (Phillies)

51. Twins: Yoyner Fajardo, INF (Pirates)

52. Orioles: Randy Florentino, C (Rangers)

53. Rays: Nelson Alvarez, RHP (Yankees)

54. Phillies: Zach Linginfelter, RHP (Angels)

55. Guardians: Justin Lewis, RHP (Diamondbacks)

56. Cardinals: Jose Martinez, RHP (Dodgers)

57. Mets: Jonathan Arauz, 2B (Orioles)

58. Astros: Manuel Urias, RHP (Phillies)

59. Dodgers: Josh Stowers, OF (Rangers)

60. Angels: Willian Suarez, RHP (Giants)

61. Twins: Seth Nordlin, RHP (Rangers)

62. Phillies: Cameron Cannon, SS (Red Sox)

63. Cardinals: Ryan Shreve, RHP (Twins)

64. Mets: Mateo Gil, SS (Rockies)

65. Astros: Luis Rodriguez, LHP (Cubs)

66. Phillies: Trey Cobb, RHP (Mets)

67. Phillies: Cody Roberts, C (Orioles)

68. Phillies: Oliver Dunn, INF (Yankees)

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