Ruthless Aggression Era Superstar Says Goldberg Was ‘Dangerous’ In The Ring


 Dylan Murray

Goldberg has had heat with several wrestlers, and he’s a divisive performer among fans as well. For many competitors, this negative perspective of the WWE Hall of Famer stems from their negative experiences of wrestling him in the past.

This topic came up on a recent episode of “Cafe de Rene” with former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree, who did not hesitate to call out Goldberg for his in-ring shortcomings. When asked who the most overrated guy from the Ruthless Aggression Era was, Dupree struggled to come up with a name until one of his cohosts suggested Goldberg. “As far as talent, Goldberg, yeah, because he was so godd*mn dangerous in the ring,” Dupree said.

This is far from the first time Dupree has criticized the former WWE Universal Champion. He previously spoke about Goldberg injuring his collarbone in a backstage segment, which has led to his dislike of the Hall of Famer. Continuing, Rene also mentioned how uninvolved he was during his time in the company, saying, “He wasn’t there long, too. He didn’t even do house shows, man. I think he did, like, one or two house show loops the whole time he was there. If you can get the deal, go for it. Good for you.”

Dupree wrestled in the WWE from 2003 until 2007, meaning he only interacted with Goldberg for his first year of competition. However, his lasting impression of Goldberg remains very negative due to his experiences during that time.


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