SoCal Val teases the idea of working with Tony Khan’s AEW


Former TNA personality SoCal Val recently discussed the idea of joining AEW, responding to a fan via Twitter.

SoCal Val worked with AEW Stars Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt during her time with TNA. Perhaps their most prominent storyline together was an on-screen love triangle, where Val served as a love interest for both Lethal and later Dutt when she turned heel, until Sonjay’s release in 2009.

Sonjay and Lethal have worked as a pair since their reunion at Supercard of Honor, where the two gatecrashed ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham’s celebrations following the main event. They have since added Satnam Singh to their group, targeting Samoa Joe in heinous attacks week after week.

After a fan suggested that she should reunite with the AEW stars in the Jacksonville promotion, Val reacted to the idea herself. She was largely grateful for the suggestion, and expressed her gratitude towards the fan before bursting the bubble by admitting it would be an arduous trip from the UK:

“Aww thank you! I do live in England though. A bit of a trek to get to AEW! But thank you so much. SO proud of them both!” (Via Twitter)

SoCal Val doesn’t currently hold a role in professional wrestling. She does have her own show called GAWTV which is co-hosted by fellow wrestling veterans Victoria and Mickie James.

SoCal Val only had good things to say about Jay Lethal’s AEW rival Samoa Joe in an exclusive interview

SoCal Val sat down for an exclusive interview with Riju Dasgupta for Sportskeeda Wrestling just weeks ago, where she discussed Jay Lethal’s nemesis Samoa Joe and her experience working with him.

Val expressed her love for Joe and highlighted his star power in every promotion he works with:

“I love Samoa Joe. A very good friend of mine. I think Joe is one of those people that just wherever he winds up, it’s to their success. He’s just a star.” (7.52-8.06)

Samoa Joe has been a part of RoH since emerging at Supercard of Honor to save Jonathan Gresham from the attack by Lethal and Dutt. Joe has since inherited that feud on All Elite programming, coming under attack several times throughout their feud.

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