STARDOM To Allow Cheering At Major Event For The First Time In Three Years


 Dylan Murray

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic back in the spring of 2020, Japanese pro wrestling companies have taken the precaution to ban vocal cheering from their live events. This resulted in the “Clap Crowd Era” of puroresu, with many companies still honoring these precautions to this day.

NJPW’s recently held Wrestle Kingdom 17 event featuring vocal cheering with no issue. The willingness of companies to do away with clap-only crowds seems to be growing. Notably, NJPW’s sister company, STARDOM, will follow suit as the company plans to hold its first show with a fully interactive crowd in almost three years at their February 4 event inside Osaka Edion Arena.

After teasing “a surprise” on the January 3 event in Yokohama, World of Stardom Champion Giulia announced that the upcoming STARDOM 12th Anniversary Show will feature vocal cheering at the recent “Bushiroad New Year Grand Presentation” on January 9. “I was envious of other groups [with cheering shows] to the extent that I felt a little angry,” Giulia told Tokyo Sports, “Stardom was finally able to take a big step forward.”

The return of cheering crowds to STARDOM adds another burst of excitement to what is already projected to be a big year for them. While their February 4 event is the only one thus far to have cheering restrictions lifted, one has to assume their goal is to present All-Star Grand Queendom, their most ambitious event to date, with a cheering crowd this April. That event, which will take place inside the historic Yokohama Arena, is also slated to feature Mercedes Mone’s first in-ring appearance for the all-women’s wrestling promotion.


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