Suspected monkeypox virus case detected in Himachal, sample sent to Pune


The health department in has detected a person with symptoms similar to monkeypox in Solan’s Baddi. The health condition of the person is improving as it has been 21 days since he first showed the symptoms.

As a precautionary measure, the person has been isolated and surveillance is being done in his surrounding areas.

Samples have been sent to Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune for lab testing.

Himachal government has urged people to do not get confused or scared about monkeypox, and appealed them to take necessary precautions if they experience any symptoms of the disease.

“Seek medical advice immediately as these symptoms can also be of any other disease, so there is a need to maintain alertness, alertness and restraint,” the government has said.

Earlier, the administration went into a tizzy after a tourist who came to Himachal from Delhi showed symptoms of monkeypox. He had returned to Delhi in a bus after visiting many tourist places including Manali.



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