The Blue Meanie Isn’t Surprised ‘Child Prodigy’ Became Iconic WWE Talent


 Fernando Quiles Jr

Brian “The Blue Meanie” Heffron isn’t surprised to see one performer become an icon in WWE and remain quite relevant in the industry. Heffron is referring to his former ECW boss Paul Heyman. These days, Heyman plays a crucial role in The Bloodline faction, serving as the “special counsel” to “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. Appearing on WrestleBinge by Sportskeeda, Heffron expressed his belief that Heyman had long been destined for greatness.

“Am I surprised? No,” Heffron said. “Paul Heyman was a child prodigy growing up. He’s been in the business since he was a teenager. What, 14, 15? He talked his way into shooting ringside at WWE events as a teenager. That’s ingenuity right there.”

Heffron said that it was the late Bam Bam Bigelow who dared Heyman to become a wrestling manager because he knew Heyman could talk on the mic. “The Blue Meanie” went on to say that Heyman then transitioned from an on-screen manager to a booker with Eddie Gilbert. Heffron feels the rate at which Heyman was growing should’ve been a clear indicator that he’d be in a league all by himself.

“Just the evolution of where he started to where he is now, I’m not surprised,” Heffron said.

Heffron admitted that he feels Heyman could’ve fired him several times when they worked together in ECW. He expressed gratitude to Heyman for giving him an opportunity. “The Blue Meanie” also claimed that back in the ECW days, Heyman used to have his creative ideas written on a napkin two hours before shows.

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