“The interpreter getting suspended is the best part of this story” “Rendon is out for the year so why even suspended him lol”

The MLB has handed down a plethora of suspensions to players and staff on both the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners. The suspension comes on the heels of a fight that broke out last Saturday in a game between the two teams at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

Fans have reacted online to some of the fireworks. Twitter account Jomboy Media posted a helpful biographic detailing the suspensions given out by the league.

“MLB threw the book” – Jomboy Media

It was the culmination of an investigation by the MLB into a brawl that began when Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz drilled Mariners hitter Jesse Winker.

The interpreter getting suspended is the best part of this story. 🤣 https://t.co/pKLgforYM1

In total, 12 people, players and staff, have been suspended for the antics. Manny Del Campo, the Angels translator, was also handed out a suspension for his role in the melee. Even Shohei Ohtani, not known for his truculence, was keen to exit the bullpen and get in on some of the fun. Fans seem to think it is hilarious.

Phil Nevin and Jesse Winker among those named in MLB suspension

Angels manager Phil Nevin was the figure who got the toughest disciplilne. Nevin, who relieved former Angels manager Joe Maddon of his duties, has only been at the helm for a matter of weeks.

The entire charade began on Saturday, June 25, when Angels star Mike Trout was narrowly missed by a pitch. Cameramen fixated on Phil Nevin screaming cuss words at Mariners manager Scott Servais following the game.

@JomboyMedia Do the Seattle Mariners even have a roster left?

Sunday, Nevin started bullpen pitcher Andrew Wantz. It was Wantz’s first career start, and he only had one objective: to hit a Seattle Mariners batter. Some think this may have been the intent anyway.

The benches began to clear as soon as Wantz drilled Mariners batter Jesse Winker. Winker charged the Angels dugout, and before anyone knew it, the benches had all been cleared.

@JomboyMedia Fucking bullshit. Most excitement the league has had and the shitty game management from the umpires led to this shit. Should have tossed Nevin and Wantz after the throw behind J-Rod instead of ever letting it get to this point.

It was MLB’s version of “Fight Night.” J.P. Crawford teamed up with Winker to attack Angels reliever Ryan Tepera. Anthony Rendon, who is sitting out the season recovering from surgery, also got in on the action.

@JomboyMedia Rendon is out for the year so why even suspended him lol

The MLB has suspended the players involved for a combined 47 games, as the brawl truly was one of the most intense ever seen in baseball. Rendon, who is not even playing right now, also got a suspension.

@JomboyMedia Anybody go to the hospital? No. This is ridiculous!!

Tempers have surely cooled, but it will be interesting to see how these teams interact when they meet again in August.

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