This is how India’s new Parliament building will look like: Pics inside


The Centre has released the layout and new photos from inside the new under-constuction building. It is likely to host the second part of the . According to reports, the building is likely to be inaugurated in March. 

The new building is a part of the Central Vista redevelopment,  and is being built by Tata Projects Limited. It features larger halls, a modern library, redeveloped offices and committee rooms with state-of-art facilities. 

Take a look at the few glimpses of what the new building looks like:

The Blueprint

The new Parliament building will have a built-up area of about 65,000 sq mt, with its triangular shape ensuring optimal utilisation of space.



Legislative chambers

The new building will house large chambers for the legislature.


Second blueprint

A larger Lok Sabha hall, which will be based on the peacock theme (the bird), will have a capacity of up to 888 seats. It will be three times bigger with ease of sitting for MPs.


New Lok Sabha

A larger Rajya Sabha hall will have a capacity of up to 384 seats. It is based on the lotus theme, the flower.


New Rajya Sabha

The Lok Sabha hall may accommodate up to 1,272 seats for joint sessions.


Constitutional hall

The design of the state-of-the-art Constitutional hall symbolically and physically puts the Indian citizens at the heart of democracy.


New Constitutional Hall


The Central Lounge

The Central Lounge is being created to complement the open courtyard. It is intended to be a place for members to interact. The courtyard will have the tree, the Banyan.


Central Lounge

Ultra-modern office spaces

The building will have offices that are designed to be secure, efficient and are equipped with the latest communication technology.



Audio-visual systems

The new building will have large committee rooms, equipped with latest and sophisticated audio-visual systems. It will house functional and purpose-designed spaces.


AV Systems

Revamped Sansad Bhavan

The new Sansad Bhavan aims to contribute towards economic revitalisation across the construction value chain and generate employment opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers.


Central Vista

The library

The new Parliament building library aims to offer a superior experience and help the members to efficiently gather information from archived material.



Energy-efficient Parliament

A Platinum-rated green building, the new Sansad Bhavan is aimed as a symbol of India’s commitment towards environmental sustainability.


Central Vista

Indian heritage

The new Parliament building aims to reflect modern India’s vibrance and diversity while also incorporating cultural and regional arts and crafts.


New Parliament

Accessible to persons with disabilities

The new Parliament building will be accessible to persons with disabilities, ensuring their free and independent movement.


New Parliament building




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