Tony Khan Comments On Adam Cole’s AEW Return


 Dakota Cohen

Adam Cole made his surprising return to AEW on the January 11 “AEW Dynamite,” cutting a promo where he stated that he was back and will be competing in the ring once again. There was a period of time where — due to serious concussion issues — Cole’s future in wrestling was uncertain, as concussions can be extremely dangerous to one’s physical and mental health. AEW CEO Tony Khan commented on Cole’s return to the company and his road to recovery, albeit prior to his appearance onscreen.

“It was [a] really challenging recovery and there were points where I’m sure he had to question if he was going to make it back or what he was putting himself through,” Khan said appearing on “In The Kliq.” “He didn’t leave the house to do anything but brain therapy. He wanted it so bad. He wanted so bad to come back to AEW and get back in the ring and wrestle for the fans … That’s his dream and, for us, it’s a dream come true having Adam Cole being a part of the AEW roster and it’s very exciting that he’s getting closer and closer to making a comeback.”

Cole revealed in his promo on “Dynamite” that he had been going to multiple doctors appointments throughout his time away from the business to try and get back to a healthy point. He also revealed how he would wake up at times in the middle of the night and begin to have headaches and pace back and forth to try and calm down. AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door is the last time Cole competed in the ring, as he suffered a concussion in the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match.


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