Top Three Best Catches Of Indian T20 League’s history


With the advent of T20 cricket, fielding has become an extremely important aspect of the game. Fielding is as important to players these days as batting and bowling. These players’ athleticism and fitness have pushed the boundaries of fielding forward. All of the current generation players make certain that their efforts on the field are up to par. In this listicle, we will look at the top three catches in the history of the Indian T20 League.

3. Chris Lynn vs Bangalore

Chris Lynn
Chris Lynn (Source: Twitter)

The game was tense, with Bangalore needing six from three balls to win against Kolkata. They had the versatile AB de Villiers at the crease, which increased their chances of winning. Vinay Kumar bowled a length delivery to South Africa, who flicked it to deep mid-wicket by giving himself some space.

Chris Lynn slipped then leapt high and caught the ball before falling straight down, so the ball sailed high but not far enough. He arched his back, kept the ball in the air, and made sure he didn’t touch the rope. The way Lynn recovered from the slip and held on to the ball while showing brilliant awareness of the rope’s position makes this one of the best catches ever.

Top Three Best Catches Of Indian T20 League’s history


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