Used Car of the Day: 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan


Let’s go camping! This 21-year-old Eurovan has the 2.8-liter VR6 engine, and it’s all yours for $39,900.

There are 75K miles on this van, and it has an automatic transmission. There’s a fold-down bed, fog lamps, curtains that have never been unfolded (so, the van’s never been a rockin’?), new all-season tires, and snow tires are handy.

The owner claims the van is in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, this listing doesn’t have pics — I almost skipped it for that reason, but hey, it’s vantime.

I’ve never used a van to camp. In fact, I’ve never really camped yet in more than 40 years on this planet. I am not counting the backyard camping I did as a kid, with the house 30 feet away. Or the Cubs scout stuff, where we slept in a cave but bathrooms and a kitchen were nearby. I bring this up to mention that the camper-van life is something I’d love to try, as a way to get outdoors without sleeping in a tent on the cold ground. A good way for the noob to get involved.

In other words, that’s why this van caught my eye. The fantasy of sitting out in a field, whiskey in one hand, meat on the grill, the VW nearby with a comfy bed…

Yeah, OK, I’ll stop daydreaming now. Head over to VW Vortex to check it out.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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