Video of Amber Heard drunk on stage resurfaces online

In June 2018, Aquaman star Amber Heard was called up on the stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York. After years since the event, a clip of the actress’ on-screen appearance has recently resurfaced online.

According to the footage, Heard seemed drunk while on stage with Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan. The Texas native later urged the attendees to vote in the midterm elections at the time. Around a week before this incident, Heard had addressed the United Nations General Assembly.


After the actress went on stage, Heard reportedly began to slur.

What did Amber Heard say and do at the event in 2018?


A recent video of the same incident from 2018 was uploaded on Film Streak’s YouTube channel on June 22 and sparked much controversy. The footage also alleged that Heard was drunk on stage, which received much criticism from pro-Johnny Depp supporters.

In the clip, Heard was alleged to be drunk and to have mocked the victims of domestic abuse. She addressed the crowd,

“You, the voters. It’s time to end the culture that protects the career of powerful men who abuse women and survivors. *Indistinctive* find these groups and register now.”

The recently uploaded video raked in over a hundred thousand views within a day. Furthermore, a few netizens took to social media to mock Amber Heard over this resurfaced video.

A Twitter user by Marmar (@Marmar_85) took to the platform to allegedly call Heard out. In the tweet’s caption, the individual mentioned that Heard had made a “total mockery of the real abuse victims.” The user further claimed that Heard had ridden the coattails of the #MeToo campaign.

Amber Heard’s previous allegations of public intoxication

Last month, another video resurfaced where Amber Heard was reportedly intoxicated during an interview. The actress slurred her words multiple times during her interview. At the time, the footage drew further criticism from pro-Depp supporters amid the trial. Since then, the clip has gained over 19 million views on TikTok.

Later in early May, a video of Heard drinking water from her bottle during the trial had sparked further allegations. While these allegations reportedly had no legitimacy, that did not stop pro-Depp supporters from tearing the actress apart. As per the allegations from last month, speculations revolved around Heard consuming alcohol during the trial.


Around the same time, a legion of pro-Depp fans thought that the actress had snorted narcotics like cocaine during her testimony at the trial. Online allegations claimed that Amber Heard had consumed the narcotic substance while using the tissue on her nose. However, the allegations were not confirmed by any legitimate means.

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