Vince Russo bashes WWE for their choice of agents


Former WWE writer Vince Russo has expressed his frustration at the company hiring mid-card talent as producers.

“Road Dogg” Brian James and Vince Russo recently appeared on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s podcast, The Wrestling Outlaws, to discuss various topics surrounding WWE. The duo gave their thoughts on the company’s writing staff and the hiring process for the agents and producers.

During the interview, Russo stated his belief that management using former mid-card talent as producers is impacting the quality of the show. He pointed out that the producers did not have the main-event experience to produce matches that would sell out arenas for the company.

Here’s what Russo had to say:

“This drives me nuts. I see the agents of these matches. And I’m gonna be honest with you, these guys were mid-carders at best. They were not main eventers, they were not in top programs with the top guys. They were not selling out Madison Square Garden, they were not bringing in ten million people to a television show. Then I match that with Road Dogg gets let go, Steven Regal gets let go. Mick Foley would probably make an interesting agent. You’ve got main event guys that would make such a difference in this show just becuase of their knowledge and experience.” (From 3:49 – 4:39)

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Vince Russo believes WWE is trying to cut costs

While giving his thoughts on WWE’s recent releases, Russo detailed that the company was probably trying to cut costs by letting go of stars like Road Dogg and Regal.

“They’re getting guys that they’re paying half the amount of money to really get the veterans and the people that could really make a difference. But at the end of the day, you could see it in the show. There’s no question about it,” Russo added. (From 4:49 – 5:05)

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While Russo’s opinions do have some truth to them, some fans approve of the way WWE has booked its top talent. The rise of youngsters like Theory and Riddle has helped the company market itself and build stars for the future.

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