Want to Roll Back Miles on Your Used Lambo? Just Spend Some Money


We all know the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Ferris and Cameron tried to roll back the mileage on Cameron’s dad’s prized Ferrari — an attempt that ended with the car shooting out of the garage and into a ravine.

Well, perhaps if the movie was shot now instead of in the 1980s and if Cameron’s dad drove a Lambo Urus, the scene would be easy to shoot. Ferris would just need an aftermarket part that costs a few hundred Euros. Apparently easy to install, these parts will stop your Urus from counting the mileage.

We’re not linking to these parts or the companies that sell them, because we don’t want to encourage shady and possibly illegal behavior. That said, we do see them offered for other brands and models. The Lamborghini got our attention, but it’s not the only affected brand.

So, buyer beware. I was under the impression that rolling back odometers was a difficult thing to do, especially in today’s digital age, but apparently, it’s easier than I thought, especially if you have money to burn.

Obviously, this means a used car could be sold for more than it’s worth, and a buyer might not be fully informed of the maintenance schedule.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news. If you’re shopping for a used car, especially one that is considered to be higher-end, you now have one more thing to look out for.

[Image: Lamborghini]

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