Watch moment MMA boss storms cage to disqualify fighters for INSANE reason to the delight of UFC chief Dana White


A RUSSIAN MMA fight came to a premature end when a promoter stormed the cage because he was bored.

ACA president Mairbek Khasjiev entered the cage before the fifth and final round of the promotion’s lightweight quarter-final bout between Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov in Sochi last Friday.

Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov's lightweight showdown at ACA 141 failed to live up to expectations


Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov’s lightweight showdown at ACA 141 failed to live up to expectationsCredit:
Promoter Mairbek Khasjiev was furious with the pair's displays and stormed the cage


Promoter Mairbek Khasjiev was furious with the pair’s displays and stormed the cageCredit: ACA
A furious Khasjiev waved off the fight


A furious Khasjiev waved off the fightCredit: ACA

Seconds before the referee was about to restart the bout, Khasjiev walked through the cage door and told him to wave off the fight while angrily crossing his hands.

And much to the shock of the fans in attendance and those watching around the world, the official and the fighters duly obliged.

Moments later, it emerged that Khasjiev called off the fight and disqualified the pair because he thought they were being timid.

He told the crowd: “The ACA League is not a kindergarten. It is a serious league.”

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A fired-up Khasjiev added: “The ACA League today, is — regardless of what anyone says — is the second greatest fight league in the world.

“Every time I say this, someone comes out with some sort of criticism.

“And now we are showing you what sort of league we really are.

“That’s it. Disqualified. That’s it, I’ve had it, I got no nerve for this.


“What is this? What the f*** are you — what are you? Do you think we’re schoolboys over here!?

“Right, you’re all free to go, that’s it. Akhmat Power, Allahu Akbar [God is most great]! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.”

Footage of the incident went viral and soon came to the attention of UFC president Dana White, who jokingly praised his fellow promoter.

Speaking after the latest episode of Dana White’s Contenders Series, the MMA mogul said: “Highly, incredibly unprofessional, but f awesome at the same time.

“Was it really a boring fight? Well, that gives me some f ideas for next Tuesday.”

As impressed as he was by Khasjiev’s actions, White admits the Russian’s actions were wrong.

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He added: “You just gotta sit there and take it or get up and go to the back and sit in your own room.

“One of those two things is probably what the guy at ACA should’ve done.”



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