What are the Benefits of Standing Desks? 

What are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

As the Clever Dude and man of the house, the task of researching more significant purchases tends to fall on me. My wife has a bit of anxiety about spending large sums of money. So, when it comes time to make a purchase on appliances, technology, or things that will get used on a daily basis, I’m usually the one looking around to find the best products for our family (not necessarily the best deal). 

That said, my wife came to me recently expressing interest in making some upgrades to her own desk space. She’s been experiencing some hip and back pain, probably related to sitting for work most of the day. So, she came to me, expressing interest in finding a standing desk to ease some of her pain. Instantly, I started researching the benefits of standing desks and what the best brand might be. Here’s what I’ve found. 

The Benefits of Standing Desks 

As far as I can tell, the actual benefits of having a standing desk are debatable. As with everything else in your home office, it is genuinely up to personal preference. What we do know is that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy and it can pose some serious health risks, such as: 

Whether or not standing desks actually help improve any of those issues is questionable. Standing in one place all day isn’t exactly healthy either. Either way, I searched and found what I think is the best standing desk option available. Here’s what I discovered. 

Who Makes the Best Standing Desk?

Before getting into who makes the best standing desk, you should know that standing desks are pretty expensive. As you may recall, the wife and I are both working on $100 (ish) Amazon desks currently. If you want a standing desk, the baseline is $300. That’s for a desk with iffy reviews online. 

When it comes to finding the best standing desk available, I’d encourage people to look at Uplift. These desks start around $600, which seems expensive but hear me out. Most of us spend eight hours a day at our desks, maybe more. For gamers like us, a portion of our free time is spent at our desks too. So, the $600 investment is well worth it. 

On top of that, from everything I’ve seen online through YouTube videos and written reviews, Uplift desks are well-made and sturdy. One man on YouTube said the only reason he was retiring his eight-year-old standing desk was that he needed more space. He just traded up for a larger Uplift desk. I didn’t have to scroll far to find other people who were on their second Uplift desk. That said to me that the brand was reliable enough to create some loyal customers. 

After we get a few more things in the office nailed down, we will be making the standing desk purchase. I’ll keep you updated here on the blog about the upcoming standing desk addition.

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