When will Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Act 1 end? 


Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Act 1 is set to arrive on June 22, 2022. With the upcoming patch 5.0, developers are ready to commence another new chapter in the game.

Valorant celebrated its two-year anniversary this month. Since the release of the game in 2020, Valorant’s saga has been divided into four different Episodes. Each Episode has a duration of six months, with each episode itself being divided into three Acts, with each Act lasting around two months.

With the introduction of the new update, developers are ready to bring in the first Act of Episode 5 Dimension.


At the start of every new Act, the developers have come up with several new changes, new Battle Pass missions, rewards, gifts, and weapon skins. Riot will once again maintain its legacy once again with the introduction of the new patch 5.0 update.

Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Act 1 will continue for the next eight weeks

Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Act 1 is set to start on June 22, 2022 with the introduction of the patch 5.0. This Act will last for the next two months before ending around August 24, 2022. Hence, players will get approximately eight weeks to grind the Battle Pass as well as climb up to the higher ranks.

The Episode 5 Act 2 will start in the final week of August and will continue till the third week of October. However, Riot might change the dates as per their convenience.

Episode 5 dates:- Act 1: Jun 22 – Aug 24- Act 2: Aug 24 – Oct 19- Act 3: Oct 19 – Jan 11/ obviously Riot might change these c: /

Valorant is currently one of the most popular FPS titles in the market with a concurrent daily player base of approximately 700,000 to 1,400,000. With an active esports scene and huge player base, the game has gained immense popularity in the genre.

However, developers have a key part behind the game’s success worldwide. Their commitment and hard work have been a major factor behind the game’s popularity as well. Riot has always tried to provide the best gaming experience to its players and Valorant developers have done it quite efficiently.

They have tried their best to keep the game fresh and entertaining by bringing in frequent changes. To make it more interesting, they introduce a new Map or an Agent with the start of every Act. Uniquely designed weapon skin bundles and cosmetics make things more attractive for players and viewers as well.

The upcoming update will have it all. With the introduction of patch 5.0, Riot is ready to bring in a new map, Pearl, which will be an underwater themed map based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Riot has already revealed the gameplay trailer of the upcoming map and players are eagerly waiting to explore it. There will be a separate queue for playing on Pearl for the next two weeks.

Not only that, players will also receive a new weapon skin bundle, ‘Prelude to Chaos,’ which will be available in the in-game store. There will also be a new ranking between Diamond and Immortal called Ascendant.

Moreover, the new Battle Pass and other changes in the game will also make it more exciting for the players.

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