Who is Open Championship winner John Daly’s son and does he have a deal with Hooters?


DOUBLE major golf championship winner John Daly is aiming for a win at the 2022 Open – and he could be joined by his son… John Daly

The apple certainly doesn’t fall too far from the tree as little John is also a golfer who has already tasted success with his old man at the 2021 PNC Championship.

John Daly and John Daly II pose at the Open Championship 2022


John Daly and John Daly II pose at the Open Championship 2022Credit: AFP

But what else has John Daly the second been getting up to in his short career on the course?

Find out more on his journey so far below.

Who is John Daly’s son John Daly II?

Born on July 23, 2003, John Daly II was raised in California, America by father John and his fourth wife Sherrie Miller.

Nicknamed little John, Daly is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters from his dad’s side – Shayna and Sierra Daly.

Daly puffs on cigarette at Open practice after fans stunned at warthog suit
John Daly tees off at Open with Hooters bag as caddy son wears matching hat

Before finding his calling at Bishops Gate Golf Academy and winning the securing top spot with his dad at the PNC Championship, Daly attended Montverde prep school in Florida.

John Daly II secured his first golfing triumph alongside his father in 2021


John Daly II secured his first golfing triumph alongside his father in 2021Credit: Reuters

And he now is a freshman at the University of Arkansas which is the same institution his father attended.

However, little John’s upbringing has been tormented with controversy which is circulated around his birth parents.

What happened to John Daly II parents?

When John Daly’s father was on tour at the Stanford St. Jude Championship in 2007, his mother allegedly attacked his dad with a steak knife following an early disagreement at a restaurant.

As a result John Daly was allegedly left with cuts and scratches on his face which led to the golfer contacting local authorities.

However, Miller had fled the scene by the time authorities had arrived taking little John with her, plus deputies could not find the knife John claimed she Sherrie Miller used.

Miller denied ever stabbing John in her memoir.

John and Sherrie eventually put an end to their nine-year marriage in 2010 and to the heartache of Daly, Miller was awarded custody of little John.

But in December of that same year, news broke out that Sherrie had interfered with Daly’s court-ordered visitation rights and according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, little John was accumulating excessive absences from school.

Which then led to a circuit court judge in Tennessee overturning the decision and granting John Daly custody of his son.

Does John Daly and John Daly II have a sponsorship deal with Hooters?

Golfing icon John Daly managed to close a NIL deal with popular food franchise Hooters for himself and John Daly II which is an agreement set in place for a student or athlete to earn fair compensation for their time and effort.

John Daly secured a NIL sponsorship deal which involves his son with Hooters


John Daly secured a NIL sponsorship deal which involves his son with HootersCredit: Instagram / @jordynlynnx

This is the first NIL deal for both Hooters and little John and it will consist of the Daly’s promoting the Hooters brand through various marketing activities including significant roles on social media.

The America senior vice president of marketing Bruce Skala said: “Hooters is thrilled to make our long-standing relationship with John official and to enter an exciting new venture with Little John as our first NIL ambassador.

“John’s larger-than-life personality makes him an ideal representative of Hooters’ fun-loving spirit, while Little John will promote our brand to the next generation as one of the next big names in golf.

“We are ecstatic to have the Daly’s, fantastic golfers and great personalities, on board as spokespeople for Hooters, the definitive 19th hole.


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