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Right time but Ron-g ending

COMMENT: It was never supposed to end like this. A player so loved by Manchester United fans, now with his reputation tainted, writes NEIL CUSTIS.

Not with everyone.

Some will claim that his outspoken interview touched at the heart of what has been wrong with the club.

Equally they will never forget a contribution, forget that, much more than just a contribution, to some of the greatest days the club has ever had.

A record of 145 goals in 346 games with a cabinet including three Premier Leagues and a Champions League puts you down in legend.

And he was, he is, which makes it all the more sad that at the start of this, his last World Cup at 37-years-old his effective sacking by Manchester United is announced.

They could not have done anything else.His outspoken interview on TalkTV slaughtering the club from top to bottom had to be acted on.

United checked legally they could get rid, and the green light was given. Thank you and adeus.

The core of the problem was that the Ronaldo and the club that parted ways in 2009 and the Ronaldo and club that got back together again were very different, on both sides.

Ronaldo was still a force, of sorts, 24 goals last season proved that, but not the same force.


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