Wrestlers Who Regret Their Own Moves


When Triple H was playing the blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley after he arrived in WWF from WCW, he was asked to switch to a different finisher. In an interview with WWE’s “The Bump” (h/t Fightful), Triple H said he had been using a version of the Pedigree as well as an Indian Death Lock, but was told to give the Ace Crusher a try. Hunter did, but said that he wasn’t comfortable using the cutter. “Most times, when you would ask enhancement guys how to take it, they wouldn’t know.” Hunter said he found it difficult to receive and deliver the cutter, and switched back to using his Pedigree finisher that he’d used while on the independent scene. 

However, Diamond Dallas Page claims that it was a phone call from him to Triple H that got the move out of Trips’ repertoire. As Page explained on his “DDP Snake Pit” podcast, “The Diamond Cutter was really getting over … you could hit it on anyone out of anywhere.” Fortunately, Page and Trips had a relationship from their training days at the WCW Power Plant. Page said he called Triple H and said, “You know bro I’m just really starting to get this Diamond Cutter over … if you wouldn’t use it anymore, I’d really appreciate it.” He said Triple H agreed, and that was the end of the Pedigree Pandemonium. 

Either way, the story ends with both HHH and DDP ending up with a finisher that came to define their character.


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