WWE Hall Of Famer On If Triple H Would Send Tony Khan Super Bowl Title


 Dakota Cohen

WWE has been known to send custom championship belts to sports teams in years past when they have won their respective league’s championships, such as following the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. The Jacksonville Jaguars have officially made the NFL playoffs for the first time since AEW came into existence, which means they do have a shot at winning the whole thing. But with AEW head honcho Tony Khan involved with the Jaguars — and his father Shahid owning the team — and WWE being a rival company and all, fans have begun to wonder if Triple H would then send a WWE championship belt to the Jags and the Khan family if they managed to become Super Bowl Champions.

Appearing on “Going Broadway,” WWE Hall of Famer Madusa addressed whether or not she believes Triple H would send Khan’s Jaguars one of those custom belts if a Super Bowl victory were to happen for them. “Being Trip, why wouldn’t he, why not? Business is business,” Madusa said. “Could you imagine them delivering or Tony Khan even coming to the place? I mean, how iconic would that be?”

The tradition of sending out these custom titles dates back to 2013 when Triple H handed a custom WWE Championship to David Ortiz of the Red Sox following the team’s World Series victory that year. NFL stars such as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs both have shown up on social media carrying the title following their 2020 Super Bowl win over the San Fransisco 49ers.

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