WWE Kisses That Had Sent Fans Into An Uproar


In 2009, Randy Orton became one of the most sadistic characters WWE had ever seen. The week before the Royal Rumble 2009, Randy Orton punted Vince McMahon in the head and declared war on the McMahon family. Orton won that year’s Royal Rumble and put himself on a collision course with WWE Champion, and McMahon family member, Triple H. Having already brutally attacked the WWE Chairman, many fans wondered what else Randy Orton could do, what could be worse than brutally attacking an old man? Well, Orton had some darker desires.

When Randy Orton brutally attacked Triple H and handcuffed him to the ropes on a 2009 episode of “Raw,” Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon ran down to plead with Orton for her husband’s safety. Randy Orton though did not listen. Orton grabbed Stephanie by the hair and planted her with the hanging DDT and as Triple H looked on unable to do anything, Randy Orton did the unthinkable and kissed an unconscious Stephanie right in front of a helpless Triple H.

Fans still consider this action to be one of the most despicable acts a WWE heel has ever done.


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