WWE Star Discusses ‘Unique Challenge’ Of Working With Bray Wyatt


 Robert Gunier

It’s been an interesting 2022 for the rising WWE “SmackDown” star, LA Knight. He first appeared on the main roster as the modeling agent, Max Dupri, but eventually made it back to his independent, brash character of Knight. His first feud back in this familiar role is against one of WWE’s top superstars – Bray Wyatt – which presents its own set of “unique challenges.” 

“You’ve got two diametrically opposed personalities,” Knight told Yahoo! Entertainment. “You have two very different approaches to what we do and in a strange way, it almost brings together a beautiful symphony so to speak, just because of the contrasting way we do things. At the same time, those contrasting pieces can mesh together into something that’s pretty creatively satisfying and so far so good.”

On camera, the adversaries have mostly stuck to a war of words with the occasional physical confrontation, which has allowed Knight and Wyatt – two of the best promos in WWE – to truly shine. But there have also been backstage attacks that have left Knight laid out on the concrete, with the clues all pointing to Wyatt, or some version of him, being the attacker. “I think it’s pretty clear [who attacked me]. Look at all the little symbols and the Fiend masks and that kind of stuff. As far as I can tell, that seems to be all along his lines. It seems to fit his M-O,” Knight said.

A recent edition of “SmackDown” included Knight displaying the footage of his attacks, pointing out how one of Wyatt’s signature masks appears close by whenever he’s jumped. On that same evening, It would immediately happen again after Knight stormed the locker rooms looking to confront Bray.


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